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Financial Solutions

As the number of expenses, income streams and possible investment options grow and become more complex, it is increasingly difficult to make decisions on the most suitable superannuation, insurance and other important financial factors.


An ever-increasing number of people are turning to professional advice to receive informed and transparent recommendations that make these decisions easy and pain-free. Good financial advice will provide solutions that are reflective of your individual goals and circumstances.


Synchron provides quality advice to maximise returns from existing assets and expand your portfolio to achieve financial freedom and security. Our tiered approach is designed to ensure it meets your specific needs and lifestyle goals.


Your financial solution provided by Synchron:

  • First and foremost, is always catered to your specific requirements, situation and goals.
  • Not only provides the path to financial liberty, but helps you to understand your circumstances along the way, enabling you to make more informed decisions.
  • Provides help and guidance during high-stress periods when circumstances change.
  • Considers your possible options, and recommends an appropriate strategy based on your needs.
  • Supplies you with the roadmap and strategies to accelerate towards your financial and lifestyle goals.
  • Presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, giving you reassurance that you’re on-track.


How our advice process works

We offer a clear, step-by-step process in offering you appropriate financial advice programmed specifically for your needs. When you meet with a Synchron adviser, they will:


  1. First collect information to help understand your goals and requirements. This includes your current financial situation, your general approach to money, and the level of investment risk you are comfortable with. They will also discuss any fees and costs upfront, so there are no surprises.

  3. Help define and tease apart your exact financial goals and current position. They will provide guidance on suitable objectives if required, and clarify what can realistically be achieved regarding your short-, medium- and long-term goals.

  5. Discuss, identify and agree on the scope and level of advice you need. This varies with life-stage, current financial position and the targets set.

  7. Provide you with a Statement of Advice (SOA). Your SOA details all recommendations in your unique financial plan regarding life protection, asset structuring, investment options and growth targets. Whilst your adviser will explain it, it’s important to read it in full.

  9. Discuss the SOA and all recommendations. Here you can address any questions or uncertainties you may have. Ultimately you decide which strategies you are comfortable to pursue.

  11. Help implement the financial strategy. Here, your adviser will take care of the paperwork to implement the desired recommendations.